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Newhall School District Music and Art Programs

The Newhall School District (NSD) takes great pride in providing students with opportunities to grow their skills in music and art. Students are provided multiple opportunities to develop their artistic expression through district staffing and partnerships with working artists.

Our instrumental and classroom music program has opened doors to music for NSD students for over forty years. The district employs five credentialed music teachers to work with students at all grade levels. Universal pre-kindergarten through second-grade students learn about musical concepts, including tempo, rhythm, and beat. They also learn musical notation and explore songs from different cultures. Third-grade students apply their primary music experiences as they learn to play the recorder. In the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, students can join the chorus, learn to play an instrument through the orchestra program, or both. This year, we are providing weekly instrument classes to over 1,000 students. 

Visual art is offered to students in grades three and above. Throughout the year, our credentialed art teachers facilitate learning about different artists, artistic styles, and cultural connections to art. Students learn and apply artistic concepts using artists' tools to create their masterpieces.

In recent years, NSD has been able to add performing art residencies. Through partnerships with working artists, second-grade students gain experience in self-expression through theater arts workshops, and sixth-grade students dance in the hip-hop style. 

Throughout the school year, students showcase their music and art learning in district music concerts, school site performances, and through the NSD Celebration of the Arts exhibition. The Newhall School District is dedicated to preparing students for a limitless future. Arts education is an integral part of the core educational program.

Chad Rose

Director of Instruction, Assessment, & Accountability

Instructional Services Department, Newhall School District

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