Make a Donation

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your donation to Raising the Curtain Foundation is tax deductible. Donations will be used to enhance arts programming in this state of the art theatre. From plays to live music, speaker series to workshops, the funds you contribute will have an endless return on investment.  For more information on how you can make a donation, please contact us at

grand ovation campaign/Name a seat

We are offering you the opportunity to name a seat after yourself, or in honor of a loved one, a business, a group, a favorite teacher, a graduating class…! The honoree’s name will be engraved on a seat placard in the theatre and on a beautifully designed Donor Wall in the lobby, forever! 

Seat prices are as follows: Grand Ovation (front row, center) $1,000 per seat. Grand Curtain (rows B-H, center) $750 per seat. Grand Audience (rows B-H, side sections) $500. Encore (rows J-W, center) $250. Bravo (rows J-W, sidesections) $150. 

By offering the permanent naming of seats to members of the community, you become a enduring part of this vibrant and important performance space for all residents, artists, and students. 

Inaugural donors

Grand Ovation                                                                     Grand Audience
Patti Rasmussen                                                                      Janet & Jeff McAnany 
Sue Widger
Phil Ellis
Eskel & Sue Solomon

Encore                                                                                Bravo
Olive Branch Theatricals                                                         Richard Markx
Linda Candib                                                                       Stephanie Davis for
The Berra Family                                                                       Calvin James Davis
Robert Brady                                                                        Hugh and Donna Rose