Grand Ovation Campaign

Name a seat

We are offering you the opportunity to name a seat after yourself, or in honor of a loved one, a business, a group, a favorite teacher, a graduating class…! The honoree’s name will be engraved on a seat placard in the theatre and on a beautifully designed Donor Wall in the lobby, forever! 

Seat prices are as follows: Grand Ovation (front row, center) $1,000 per seat. Grand Curtain (rows B-H, center) $750 per seat. Grand Audience (rows B-H, side sections) $500. Encore (rows J-W, center) $250. Bravo (rows J-W, sidesections) $150. 

By offering the permanent naming of seats to members of the community, you become a enduring part of this vibrant and important performance space for all residents, artists, and students.