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A Letter From The President

Kim Pearlman

Welcome to Raising the Curtain Foundation! 


We are delighted you are here. I am very honored to be the newly elected president of RTCF. I come on the heels of our prior fearless leaders, Jennifer Gregg and Carol Rock, who helped us get off the ground and through Covid. 


We are dedicated to supporting the Newhall Family Theatre, and we are so excited to finally be able to use all of our talents and abilities to raise money for the theatre once again, as well as help provide quality programming for the SCV community. Our success relies on you. We are only able to provide the theatre with its needs to keep it a beautiful, state-of-the-art venue, as well as provide events, programming, and entertainment with your help. 


We are planning many fun, educational, and entertaining events this year. Our hope is that you fall in love with the theatre as we have and participate, attend, and donate. We look forward to the future of Raising the Curtain Foundation and hope you will join us in making the Newhall Family Theatre a hub of quality performing arts in the SCV! 

We have many ways in which you can support Newhall Family Theater by way of Raising the Curtain Foundation.


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