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Introducing the Raising the Curtain Foundation Board of Directors for 2024:

Welcome to an exciting new chapter at the Raising the Curtain Foundation! As we embark on another year of inspiring performances and educational endeavors, it's our pleasure to introduce the talented and dedicated individuals leading our journey in 2024. Our Board of Directors, a blend of seasoned experts and passionate advocates, is set to steer the Newhall Family Theatre towards new heights. Let's meet the visionaries behind our mission to nurture the arts in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Left to right: Joelle, Flo, Nickie, Honoree, Carol, Kim and Terrence. Missing Sue Solomon.

Board Members

Kim Pearlman: As our President, Kim Pearlman uses her extensive background in education and yoga to spark a love for the arts among children. Her innovative approaches in teaching have had a significant impact on young minds. BIO

Carol Rock: Carol's wealth of experience in theater, both on and off the stage, and her dedication to preserving historical sites make her a valuable asset to our board. BIO

Florence Loring: Florence, a retired educator, has a rich history of integrating the arts into her teaching, enriching the educational experience for her students. Her expertise in costume design also brings a creative perspective to the board. BIO

Joelle Danahy: With a B.A. in English and 25 years in non-profit volunteer management, Joelle's extensive experience ranges from advocacy to educational support, enhancing our community outreach efforts. BIO

Nickie DeTolve: Nickie’s enthusiasm for the arts, coupled with her professional experience in graphic design and digital marketing, helps us in building an online community and engaging more families in the theater. BIO

Sue Solomon: Sue's extensive experience in non-profit operations and her understanding of the educational landscape, especially her work with the PTA, are invaluable in guiding our foundation’s strategies. BIO

Terrence Garner: Terrence’s lifelong passion for theatre and his background in sales and event organization provide us with unique insights into audience engagement and event management. BIO

Advisory Members

Tom Lund: With 30 years in local theatre, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge in theatre management and youth program development. BIO

Dr. Leticia Hernandez: As an educational leader with a strong belief in the arts, Dr. Hernandez offers a perspective that aligns perfectly with our foundation's goals.

As we introduce our dedicated Board of Directors, we're reminded of the vibrant future ahead for the Raising the Curtain Foundation. Their expertise and commitment are crucial to our mission. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our supporters; your enthusiasm and support are fundamental in bringing theater to our community. For more exciting events and performances, we encourage you to visit our Events Page. Your involvement is what keeps the spirit of theater alive in our community. Join us in this ongoing celebration of the arts!

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